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About us

CakeMiner™ is one of the leading hashpower providers in the world, offering cryptocurrency mining capacities in every range - for newcomers, interested home miners, as well as large scale investors. Our mission is to make acquiring cryptocurrencies easy and fast for everyone. Ofcourse all of this is much better knowing that all of our power is sourced from renewable means. 😊

We know our job

Marcus Hart, CEO & Founder, CakeMiner™ Inc.

My vision for the future of CakeMiner™ Inc. is like no other cloud mining platform to date. We plan on investing all of our profits into renewable energy; Keeping running costs at 0 and hash power pricing lower that anywhere online.

Jane Andrews, BTC & Web Analyst, CakeMiner™ Inc.

I've worked at CakeMiner along side some of the smartest people in the Bitcoin space today. They have welcomed me greatly and I absolutely love everything I have experienced at the plantation that has changed me as a person. The team have worked so hard to make this journey a profitable one for everyone who is involved!

Melvin Goldberg, Anti-Fraud Expert, CakeMiner™ Inc.

I have worked along side the staff at this company since the very start of production. I help keep payments and recipients of payments happy with what they send and recieve. Anything out of the ordinary will result in prosecution from authorities of law in your local area. Any queries at all let our live support team pass it on to me!

Paul Edwards, Customer Relations, CakeMiner™ Inc.

If you have questions at all, just open up the live chat at the bottom of your screen and start typing a message; Chances are you will be connected to myself within minutes. If you are finding it hard to reach us instantly within the live chat, please leave a message and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Professional staff

CakeMiner™ helps our team stay fully qualified, in whatever role they may play; Keeping staff up to date ultimately keeps the miners at their most profitable state.

Quality of service

Our data center runs 99.99% of the time, with power being completely sourced from renewable energy! This means we get to run our Bitcoin mining machines at 0 running costs, and we are proud to say we are keeping it that way!

Quick response has an average live chat response time of just 20 seconds. If, by any means you do happen to miss us, then just send us a message and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Quality engagement with our users is top priority.

The future of CakeMiner™ Inc.

Starting out as a hardware rental company, CakeMiner™ plans for a renewable future. We currently have over 2,000 BTC mining machines, that are being powered primarily by renewable means. This is great news for the future of pricing at; We will continue to charge 0 running costs, while providing the very best Bitcoin cloud mining platform.

What Bitcoin mining is and what we do.

Update, renew or withdraw as you wish. The system is a win for everyone and within the first month you will see its beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions

We aim high at being focused on building relationships with our clients and community.

In many cases yes! Cloud mining has forever been flawed for running costs canceling out your profit. CakeMiner™ Inc. runs primarily from renewable energy sources, meaning 0 running costs and continuous profit no matter what happens.
Yes! Mining Bitcoin has forever been at war with the cost of the electricity to run the mining machines! CakeMiner™ Inc. has taken this into consideration over the past 10 years; Making renewable energy beneficial and our future to making mining profitable forever!
The Bitcoin network is one of the safest networks on the planet due to "hashpower" given by Bitcoin miners, the core concept that nits the payments together. In other words, yes. Bitcoin is incredibly safe and the more people that mine Bitcoin, the stronger and more secure the network becomes.
Buying Bitcoin:

If you are new to bitcoin and need help finding a wallet, here are some good ones we know of from around the world.

There are different options available for purchasing bitcoin depending on what country you are from.
Listed below are websites you can use to purchase the bitcoins.

Try Here First:

CoinGate - Accepts most debit and credit cards
Coinbase - Link your bank account or credit card and buy bitcoins with ease.

United States: - Link your bank account or credit card and buy bitcoins with ease.

Europe: - Buy bitcoins with same day SEPA transfers. - Link your bank account or credit card and buy bitcoins with ease. - Bitstamp also accepts SEPA, but I recommend the above options.

Australia: - #1 Bitcoin exchange in Australia

United Kingdom: - Link your bank account or credit card and buy bitcoins with ease. - Supports every country and payment method

Other: - Supports every country and payment method
CoinGate - Supports most debit and credit cards
Paxful - Supports most debit and credit cards